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Sample Gallery - 1980s Sample Gallery - 1980s Smuggler (Oliver Tobias) TV Times, HTV Wales and West region, April 4-10, 1981 178228299 Smuggler (Oliver Tobias) Publicity Card - Hand-signed by Oliver Tobias - HTV, 1981 178228300 Dick Turpin (Richard O'Sullivan) Story Book - Published by Purnell Books (c) 1980 LWT 178230588 Dick Turpin (Richard O'Sullivan) Look-in Junior TV Times, No.8 w/e 16 February, 1980 178231985 Hannay (Robert Powell) TV Times, London Edition, 2-8 January, 1988 178234877 Hannay (Robert Powell) Publicity Photo - hand-signed by Robert Powell - Thames TV, 1988 178234878 Sapphire and Steel ITC Press Synopsis Sheet (c) ITC Entertainment 178275804 Sapphire and Steel ATV Publicity letter, fan cards and car sticker 178275803 Worzel Gummidge Annual 1980, Purnell Books 58989980 Worzel Gummidge - Southern TV Geoffrey Bayldon as The Crowman - Signed Publicity Card 58989976 Floodtide Granada Television Press Pack 178276676 Travelling Man Press Kit - Ganada Television, 1984 58989972 Robin of Sherwood (c) Richard Carpenter and Robin May - Puffin Books, 1985 58989971 Robin of Sherwood Spectrum Game (c) 1984, HTV Ltd. 58989977 Inspector Morse Press Brochure, Central Television, 1989 58989978 Hammer House of Horror ITC Press Synopsis Sheet (c) ITC Entertainment 58989974

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